Did Game of Thrones hint at Daenerys aiding Jon in Season 2

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Nephew rescue? Game Of Thrones fan theory claims penultimate episode was predicted all the way back in SEASON TWO

Thanks to a blunder in Spain, many people know what is going to happen in this weekend's episode of Game Of Thrones.

But one fan has claimed the plot was telegraphed all the way back in 2012.

A Reddit user named Sephelutis pointed to the final episode of season two, in which Daenerys has vivid visions of the future in the House of the Undying.

In the episode, Dany's three infant dragons are stolen by a warlock named Pyat Pree, who wishes to imprison all four because it makes his magic stronger.

This is the episode where she first realizes her babies can breathe fire, and Pree becomes their first ever victim.

But it is the visions she has while searching the tower beforehand that have long been discussed by fans - and one believes he has figured it out.

'Next week, Dany will fulfill last bit of her vision in the house of undying,' he titled his post.

In the vision, Daenerys stands in the decimated Red Keep, with snow falling through the roof.

She is about to touch the Iron Throne but is pulled away by the cry of a young dragon.

Not even the sight of he late husband Drogo and their unborn son Rhaego can keep her from answering the cry.

'She wanted to stay with Drogo and her unborn son, but a young dragon's cry pulled her away, when she leave the tent she suddenly end up at the wall,' he wrote.

'Conquest was never her purpose, there is a Young dragon out there in grave danger, he must live, and only she can save him, her true purpose has been this all along.' says