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'The Wild West!' Candice Swanepoel shows off her derriere in cowboy chaps on Victoria's Secret shoot

It might not be the most comfortable way to ride a horse, but it's certainly eye-catching.

Candice Swanepoel showed off her virtually bare behind in fringed leather chaps, skimpy panties and a bra as she channeled her inner cowgirl during the Victoria's Secret holiday shoot in Aspen, Colorado on Saturday.

The beautiful 28-year-old blonde completed her look with boots, of course, and a cream cowboy hat.

A black and white video showed her strolling across a meadow in her revealing outfit as Josephine Skiver, also scantily clad, rode a horse behind her.

Edward Razek, senior creative at Victoria's Secret, described the shoot in a picture he posted saying: '13 Angels, 2 photographers, a crew of 100+, one big time director, and an $80 million ranch - no one does Holiday like Victoria's Secret does Holiday!'

The 'big-time director' is Transformers' Michael Bay, seen with seven Angels in Ed's snap. said